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Appealing a visa refusal


Sometimes your visa for France is rejected. The reasons for this refusal decision must be given, in accordance with the provisions of French and European law. You have the right to appeal a refusal of a visa for France and three options are available to you: a graceful appeal, an appeal to the CRRV and an appeal to the Administrative Court of Nantes.


What are the rates of visa refusals for France ?

According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, in 2017, the number of visa applications for France was 4,002,677, of which 537,479 were refused, i.e. 13.4% of refusals.
In 2018, the number of applications was 4,289,211, of which 675,078 were refused, i.e. 15.7 % of refusals.
The demand is constantly increasing each year, as is the refusal rate, hence the imperative need to secure the services of a specialist lawyer to appeal against a visa refusal for France.

Appealing a Visa Refusal for France: What are the Recourses ?

In any case, you are strongly advised to consult a specialist lawyer.
Indeed, the procedures are delicate and the slightest error or the slightest breach will not allow you to win your case. MFV works with partner lawyers who are specialists in this sector and whose success rate is two to three times higher than average.
If you have been refused a visa by the French Embassy, you have three types of recourse :


1 - Graceful Appeal

You have two months to file a request for a graceful appeal. This file is filed with the consular or diplomatic authority that took the decision to reject your visa.
You must write a letter to the service concerned by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to keep proof that the appeal has been sent. This letter explains the reasons for the request for your visa and contains the supporting documents that may be used to substantiate your argument.
In the event of rejection, you must contest a visa refusal for France by contacting the CRRV.

2 - Appeal to the CRRV - The Appeal Commission against Visa Refusal Decisions

In order to appeal against a visa refusal for France, you have two months to present your case before the CRRV.
Before you go before the administrative judge, you must prepare a file of appeal beforehand. A specialized lawyer sent by MVF will accompany you in its drafting – obligatorily in French – which must motivate your request.
The file is then examined by the competent authorities. Within two months of the filing date, you must receive a notification informing you that your visa has been accepted for issue.
Otherwise, if you do not receive anything within two months, you will have to send another appeal to the Administrative Court of Nantes.

3 - Appeal to the Administrative Court of Nantes

The last recourse to appeal against a visa refusal for France is to go to the Administrative Court of Nantes. This is an appeal for annulment of the visa refusal, or even an injunction to issue it if it was illegally refused.
You have two months from the date of notification of the Commission’s rejection decision or the decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior.
Again, you are strongly advised to consult an MVF lawyer to ensure that your application is properly formulated and accepted.
There are three ways to appeal against a visa refusal for France. They all involve the creation of a new file and it is preferable that they be written by a specialized lawyer to give you the best chance of success.

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Preparation: Study and Writing of the Appeal

Our specialized partner lawyers study your file and write your appeal based on the documentary evidence and the merits of the claim.

Action: We Send Your Appeal to the French Embassy AND to the CRRV

Once your appeal has been drawn up by our specialist partner lawyers, we send it to the French Embassy of the country concerned and to the Appeal Commission (CRRV) as well.

defense speech by Our Partner Lawyers

If necessary, our partner lawyers will plead to the Administrative Court of Nantes to defend your case, travel and pleading expenses included.

A "classic" refusal appeal is expensive.

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